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Sweet Bitter End
(Polly Edwards)

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A breakup song, but from the other viewpoint. Why should the broken up with folks be the only ones who get songs? Written mostly at a bus stop on Broadway in Vancouver.

Honey, I don't think that things are working out
We're sleeping in separate beds
You smile but I can tell you're angry with me
'Cause you just threw the cat at my head

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I'm ready to end this tango charade
But you're clinging like a kid's sticky hand
You beg me to stay, you sob and you say
I owe you one last kick at the can

Well, if you want to scream, yell, tell me go to hell
I'll sit and take it 'til the light of day
But when you see the sun, consider my debt done
And I'll be on my way

'Cause hot dog, it's the bitter end
I never tasted nothing so sweet
You and me, we've got a history
But it's a past tense song of defeat

You still think I'll rescue you from all your fears
Fix you up and make you alright
Honey, you've got your characters confused
I'm the laid back hippie, not the brave white knight

You promise I'll see things your way soon
Beg your forgiveness 'fore long
I'd love to agree but the problem, you see
Is if I do, we'll both be wrong

But if you want to cry, pout, knock yourself out
A river of tears won't make you right
Believe me when I say even if I stay
You'll still be alone all night

Chorus x 2

Oh, don't put that song on repeat
No, honey, won't you let the past tense rest in peace

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