Clever Girls
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Clever Girls

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Broke Poet

(Polly Edwards)

A lonely vagabond minstrel came tramping into my mind one afternoon as I lay resting in the sunshine on my attic floor, and I couldn't rest any further until I'd written his story.

Pencil on paper and ink in your throat
Why should the world give a damn what you wrote?
You're one more broke poet who'll never get far
With a tuneless piano and a painted guitar

Clever Girls Music

There's a whole world of people to listen
But there's a world's worth of people to sing
And no one can hear the way you do, so clear
They're all busy doing their own thing

Sew a flag on your back and go dream overseas
Find out you're not quite that easy to please
Be slave to the tracks and be king for a day
'Til you realise kings too have a price they can't pay

So you climb lonely and beaten
To your treehouse, you cry and you mope
And the tears hit the boards and dissolve them
But the nails stay, 'cause they're made of hope

They're not being unfair
It's not their job to care
When you tell them that you wrote a song
And it's sitting right there

Take a train to where you started running
Write your soul down in coffee at dawn
When you hit the best part, call me up and I promise
I'll get there just after you've gone

And I'll read in the dregs your life story
And I'll hear what your hands tried to say
Through your tuneless piano and your painted guitar
And when I know, I'll walk away

I'm not being unfair
It's not my job to care
When you leave me the song that you wrote
But you didn't remember to leave me a note

From one more broke poet who never got far
With a tuneless piano and a painted guitar

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