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Clever Girls

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La Da Da/Change The World
(Polly Edwards)

I had an essay due one afternoon, but I was feeling contrary and artistic, so I sat down and wrote this song instead. Art is worthwhile.

If you knew I had an essay due, then put down that guitar is what you’d say
But that won’t get you very far with me today
I’ve decided I’d like to sit and sing a bit and remember how to play

Clever Girls Music

And if the words are only la da da da, that’s okay
‘Cause we can still sing
La da da da da da, la la la, la la la, hey hey
La da da da da da, la la la, la la la, hey hey
Hey hey

And anyway
I learn more from staring out the window and watching the ways of the world
Than I’ve ever learned repeating what I’ve already been told
Now I’m not down on education, but it’s like a separate nation and we need some integration, yeah
It’s not procrastination to drop your books and take a look at what you walk past every day
Or to spend time singing
La da da...

And what would you say
If I told you I am only one girl
But what I sing could change the world
The whole damn world
Oh, sing with me, you know the words
And I love the way you sing
La da da...

Oh, poets can change the world
Artists can change the world
Writers can change the world
Musicians can change the world
Actors can change the world
Dancers can change the world
Dreamers can change the world
Oh, we can change the world by singing
La da da...
Oh, what do you say?

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