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Clever Girls

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Gettin’ By
(Polly Edwards)

This is for my sister, in the hopes she’ll understand. Also, a general call to think about what you want in life, and whether money will get you there. I’ll give you a hint: the answer is “no”.

Clever Girls Music

I’ve been told I should want a house
A car, a career, a baby and maybe a spouse
I think that’s mostly lies
Good friends, good songs and a bike are all I need to get by
I’ve been asked, mmm, what have you done with your life?
I say well, I’m 27 and I’ve...I’ve... hmmmmmm

But I’m not lazy
I’ve just been wasting time
I spent years searching
For things that I never wanted to find

I never cared much for TV
And advertising doesn’t influence me... much
And I try to live simply
But sometimes that translates into apathy
Oh, but lately, I feel like I just woke up
Yeah, apathy and me, we recently broke up

‘Cause I’m not lazy
Though I have wasted time
I sat still waiting
Instead of finding out what it is I want to find

But oh, I’m ready
I want to take a leap
Don’t want no shallow life
No, I want to wade in oh, so deep

You don’t have to want a house
A car, a career or even a spouse
When people ask, mmm, what have you got in your life
Smile and say good friends are all you need to get by

Oh, and it’s not crazy
To stop wasting time
Chasing after everything
That you never wanted to find

And it’s not too late
No, you’ve still got time
But you’ve got to stop and question
Exactly what it is you want to find

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