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Kindness For Granted
(Polly Edwards)

Sometimes people's reactions to things surprise me because I forget that not everyone considers kindness, love, etc, to be simple basics of human existence. This song is dedicated to the Backstage Crew, for having the basics down and then some.

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Overheard a girl on the bus last week
She had no coat and high heels with bare feet
It was 20 below and the sky filled with snow
She'd been ditched at the bar and had no place to go
She was forty kilometres from home

It felt funny leaving so we turned around
Walked back to the station and looked 'til we found her
Drunk and stumbling down the street
Propped up by two men that she'd happened to meet

I asked her, do you need a ride?
And I gave her my coat and we got her inside
She crashed on our couch and then I drove her home
When we got there she said, you know
You're amazing, thank you, you're amazing
All I could think was

I wish that kindness weren't amazing
I wish no one kept track of who pays
I wish it were taken for granted
I wish I had nothing to say
I wish there were no songs about it
'Cause it were too boring old everyday
And then maybe when we saw somebody who needs it
It would never occur to us to walk away

My mother taught me to never keep score
My father taught me what neighbours are for
My friends, you've taught me that it's always worth it
To open my heart and my mind and my arms and my door
And I think if there were enough of it
Kindness could probably end war
Wouldn't that be amazing?
It would be amazing

Let's start to take kindness for granted
And stop keeping track of who pays
When you're down and out, let someone help you
'Cause kindness needs to go both ways
And soon there'll be no songs about it
'Cause it's too boring old plain everyday
And the day will come when we see somebody who needs it
And it never occurs to us to walk away

Wouldn't that be amazing?

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