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Clever Girls

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Northern Lights
(Polly Edwards)

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Adventures! Written for the Bicycle Built For You Tour.

You can hold my hand
We'll run away across the land
We will make our stand
For loving life imperfectly but certainly

Clever Girls Music

You can bring your guitar
It's probably never traveled so far
We'll leave the car behind, we don't need it
For living love imperfectly but certainly

We'll walk and we'll run and we'll climb
And we'll bike and we'll swim and we'll never get dry
'Cause the rain's gonna fall
But that doesn't matter at all
'Cause you'll be holding my hand
Under Northern lights out on the land
And we'll never stand still

Let's count the stars on the side of the road
Pave the way with our hearts because they're made of gold
We'll make breakfast for the first strangers
That want to take us home

We'll auction our souls to the birds and the trees
Well, it's pay what you can, trade a song for the breeze
And suddenly, it's summertime
And the living is easy

Oh no, we never will

So come and hold my hand
We'll dance to the hymn of the Northern lights and the land
And we'll learn to love
But certainly

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