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Clever Girls

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Snow In October

(Polly Edwards)

I was feeling homesick one day in KW, and thought back to when I first moved to the city, and all the things that drove me crazy about it.

I love loads of things about cities and city people now, but every once in a while the rural girl in me just wants to go home.

Clever Girls Music

Waiting for snow in October, never comes
Waiting for spring in May, it's already done
No one will meet my eyes when I pass them on the street
I walk by and suddenly everyone has very interesting feet

Stranger pulls up and asks, would I like a ride?
I didn't know it was dangerous to climb inside
I lose my wallet, stores won't let me pay next week
In a place where everyone's hiding, 'cause they've forgot how to seek

I've got the smalltown blues again
With big town loneliness in every refrain
I would love to go out and paint this whole city red
But for now, smalltown blue's the only colour in my head

People in hospitals wait in line with heart attacks
Folks on the street borrow change, they never pay you back
Best friend won't talk to me 'cause I went out with her ex
Where I'm from, you're allowed to do that 'cause there's no one else left

Nowhere to go to get away from city sounds
No time of night when I'm the only one out walking around
Everyone locks their doors even when they're at home
Never thought a place with so many people could make me feel so alone


I know someday I'll be just another big city girl
But for now, I kind of miss my old familiar small town world

Waiting for snow in October, never comes

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