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Clever Girls

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Ten Blocks Away
(Polly Edwards)

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AKA When Friends Get New Girlfriends and Consequently Start Ignoring Everyone Else In Their Lives

The alternate title should explain this one pretty well. It's a warning, really: don't do this to your friends, folks, or they might write a song about it.

Clever Girls Music

You're sleeping ten blocks away
On this cold October night
Don't get me wrong
I'm happy she helps you sleep tight
But this bitter tea that I'm drinking
It's going to keep me awake
And I'll lie in the dark and I'll dream up excuses
That you can't be bothered to make

You don't have to call me your best friend
No, you don't have to call me at all
And you don't have to love me but I'd love you to care
Just a little, so I know that I'm still there

I'm starting to hate the whole game
'Cause it's been your turn for weeks
Don't get me wrong
I'm happy she has all you need
I know I can't hold your hand
And I won't be the reason you live
But it's tough to wake up suddenly all alone
With a handful of nothing to give

Chorus x 2

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