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Clever Girls

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Spring Thaw
(Polly Edwards)

I firmly believe in the goodness of people and that it will triumph in the end. We are on our way.

Wake up Sunday morning, wipe my sleepy eyes
No need to go to church, it's all here outside
I could worship the storm that keeps me warm in my tent
Or go run with the lightning, risk the life I haven't yet spent

Clever Girls Music

I am on my way
I'm trying hard to give up being scared of yesterday
I am on my way

Wake up Monday morning, wipe my weary eyes
Factory job frustration and the sun both on the rise
I could worship the sore feet that let me earn my pay
Or spend the day assembling dreams into a better way

I am on my way
I only know a little more than I did yesterday
But I am on my way

I'm a Tuesday's child, I should be full of grace
But there are sins of nature that forgiveness can't erase
I could worship humanity for making its mistakes
Or spend my whole life trying to give back a little more than I take

We're a Thursday world, we still have far to go
But if we borrow love from Friday, we can counter Wednesday's woe
We could worship the earth, forgive our own mistakes
And do our best to live so that we give more than we take

We'll be on our way
We can heal a little bit of what we did wrong yesterday
Yes, we are on our way

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