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"Silhouettes" is finally here, and we're very excited. We will be keeping you up to date on upcoming shows so check back often.


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Latest News...

14 Sept, 2010

  • Guess what! The CD is FINISHED! Woohoo! Come to the Release Party Sept 17 in Kitchener!

  • Guess what else! Heather's moving to Calgary! Polly's going with her, but only for a week. We'll release Silhouettes, and then immediately tour out to Calgary. Then Polly will fly back to KW, and leave Heather to fend for herself against the cold Alberta winter. Clever Girls will then take a temporary hiatus from live gigs due to geographical differences. But we're not breaking up! We just need some space. Three provinces worth of space. And you know, the employment Alberta offers. Hurray for day jobs!

  • Guess what else! Polly didn't get eaten by a bear! She toured up to Tobermory and back by bicycle in August, with Richard Garvey, promoting A Bicycle Built For You, an all original, 16 track CD they recorded in early summer 2010. Check out their blog (which someday they will catch up on) at . You can listen to and download the CD online here.

Previous News...

  • We'll be playing at the Summerfolk Last Chance Saloon again this year, with Six Corners, our new bluegrass/Celtic group we've just begun with longtime collaborator Dan Arnott of Red River Rebellion and Richard Garvey of Far From Rich. Very excited to work with both of them, and jamming has been loads of fun so far!

  • Silhouettes is still coming along. CD Release party will be held in Kitchener, hopefully within the next month or two. We'll let you know!
  • House concert coming up at the Glasgow Jams. Check under "Calendar" for more info.
  • We've been working on loads of new songs. Check the lyrics out under "Music", and we'll be attempting to post to youtube more often as well, so you can hear them.
  • Happy Family Day and Belated Valentine's Day to everyone! Go out and love somebody. It's good for the planet.
  • We've just been booked for Mountain Top Jamboree 2010!

  • Radiothon is coming up and rumour has it there is a special song in the works written just for the occasion...

  • Silhouettes is coming along. We're already deciding cover art and debating song order. Pretty exciting!


  • Dan Henry of 104.7 Heart FM had this to say on his blog after last year's Big Break Contest in Woodstock, Ontario:

    "Our second night of Heart FM’s Big Break 2 proved to be just as exciting as week 1. We had a great evening of music featuring all styles and genres. One of my favourites on the evening was the Clever Girls. Two women who came from small towns meeting up at University of Waterloo and wrote lyrics about the culture shock of moving to a larger community like K-W. A beautiful sound and very heart felt lyrics.

    Some other highlights include the work by the drummer of Epicacy who only has one leg and one arm and was just incredible on the skins. And also the sweet sounds of Melissa Murray singing while playing her keyboard. It was an incredible evening of music."